Sustainable stabilization and encapsulation technology


Emulsions are mixtures of oil and water and found in a variety of products such as cosmetics, food, paint, and pharmaceuticals. To keep the oil droplets stable, surfactants or emulsifiers are added to cover the drop surfaces to prevent them from reuniting and separating into an oily phase and water phase.

What is emulsion

 .  Oil
 .  Surfactants
 .  Water
Mixing creates 
oil drops
Surfactants at the oil drop surface stabilizes the product.


Many consumers request more natural alternatives to surfactants in a variety of products, such as skin creams and other personal care products, but also pharmaceuticals applied to the skin. For this reason Speximo provides an alternative to conventional surfactants and emulsifiers. Speximo´s particle based technology is a green, sustainable alternative for skin friendly and stable products.

 .  Oil drop
 .  Particles
 .  Water

Speximo's emulsifying particles are based on starch from Quinoa. This makes the emulsions more stable with additional functional advantages.