Sustainable stabilization and encapsulation technology


A new way of green emulsion stabilization and encapsulation.

Speximo provides a green ingredient refined from Quinoa – The golden grain of the Incas. Proved safe with good skin tolerability. Speximo starch particle based technology and ingredient can stabilize emulsions in a variety of formulations in different product areas.

  • Personal care

    EQMULSETM for skin cream emulsions

    EQLIPSETM for skin care encapsulations


  • Food and health care

    ENQLOSETM for high value food encapsulations


  • Further application areas and pharma formulations


Speximo enables you to create NEW products with increased value

  • Replace chemical surfactants/emulsifiers with a natural and sustainable ingredient
  • Take advantage of the technical features of the starch based particles
  • Launch ingredients for new formulations, where conventional surfactants cannot be used
  • Provide unique ingredients and applications to keep market shares and expand
  • Achieve greener products













Benefits of Speximo´s starch particle technology over traditional emulsifiers


  • Organic raw material – a plant used for food
  • The process used is green – solvent free manufacturing
  • Food grade modification (<3%)
  • Biodegradable after use

For formulation of the cream

  • Can be used as sole emulsifier – no additional stabilizer is needed
  • Use with many different oils/emollients
  • Generally compatible with preservatives
  • Compatible with common rheology modifiers
  • Reduce the need for additional ingredients, like thickeners and surfactants
  • Creates stable cream systems within wide ranges of formulation conditions.

For functional effect of the cream

  • Do not feel greasy
  • Have a matte finish
  • Non-allergic and non-irritating to skin

Technical features

  • Creams can be made with oil contents ranging from 5 to 70%
  • Use level 0.2-0.5 g product by g oil in formulation
  • Provides stability within pH 3-8
  • Highly salt tolerable in the interval 0-2 M NaCl
  • Drop sizes can be controlled and varied between 10-100 µm
  • Creams are extremely stable towards coalescence
  • Resistant to freezing, thawing and drying


  • Fine tuning of the release over the encapsulating barrier
  • A variety of active ingredients can be encapsulated – oil and components in the oil phase, and water soluble ingredients by formulation of highly stable double emulsions.
  • Emulsions can be dried into powder formulations or for re –hydration with remained drop characteristics